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CEO Interview Series: Will Miller, The Wallace Foundation, with Phil Henderson

New on Our Blog: Perpetuity, continued

Tony Proscio Tony Proscio of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy keeps the conversation going around the question: What Is the Case for Foundations Living in Perpetuity? This topic was the focus of a recent Philanthropy New York event.

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From Boston to New York: Is a More Just City Possible?

Kevin RyanKevin Ryan of New York Foundation elaborates on what resonated with him the most during Neighborhood Funders Group’s two-day learning tour that focused on Boston and New York’s new mayoral administrations and their promise to bridge income gaps.

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Why Philanthropy Should Help Strengthen Community Colleges

Nicole LeachDeutsche Bank Americas Foundation's Nicole Rodriguez Leach elaborates on how panelists at PNY's "Cuny: The Road to College Success" event made a compelling case for why philanthropy should turn its attention to strengthening community colleges.

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New on Our Blog: Why Should Your Foundation Continue to Exist?

BruceTrachtenbergThe Communications Network advisor Bruce Trachtenberg recaps Philanthropy New York's program “What Is the Case for Foundations Living in Perpetuity?” He elaborates on the strong case that was made to encourage foundations to ask themselves with some regularity why they choose perpetuity.

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